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Located in the South of France, the company ZOLEO 3D is specialized in pest control.


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Our know how   ZOLEO 3D brings a solution adapted to your needs.


Rodents are natural invaders who do not hesitate to take possession of our gardens to see our houses. But many solutions exist to struggle against these rodents.Struggle or prevention, everything depends on the degree of infestation.

It is necessary to make directed treatments, lures are put in places inaccessible to the children and to the domestic animals.

The periodical control of lures in the fixed sites is very important to do the course of pest control.

Posts reassured with the poisoned lures have an anticoagulative action, they guarantee the presence of the decoy and are without danger of dispersion.

Rats, Mice, Dormice,Field mice...

ZOLEO 3D brings a solution adapted to your needs.


Pest control


Whether they are steering wheels or rampant insects, can harm the reputation of a trade, restaurant... Where to spoil your days and parties...

Beyond from this inconvenients, they can be bearer of pathogenic agents.

Mosquitoes, Wasps, Asian and Europeens hornets, Ants,Fleas, Bedbugs,Cockroaches, Caterpillars processionary of the pines, Flour and textile moths,Xylophagous insects...

ZOLEO 3D brings a solution adapted to your needs.


Bird Control & Prevention Services

bird control specialist we provide of experience offering the widest range of bird control services and techniques to tackle any bird problem. Our bird control services provide:Free and comprehensive site surveys.

Typical bird control problems we encounter:

The main species that create bird control problems are gulls and pigeons which are frequently found in urban areas.

These species and other species cause problems by:

-Bird fouling – deposits on buildings, cars, stock or materials

-Aggressive behaviour – during the nesting season (Mar – Sept)

-Nesting in or on buildings – clogging drains, flues encouraging insect infestation

-Spreading disease – bird guano carries fungal and bacterial disease

-Creating noise –calling of breeding gulls or the cooing pigeons

-Ground Nesting – development delays on greenfield or brownfield sites


What should you do if you have a Bird Control Problem?

If you have a bird control problem the first step to is to call us.

At the forefront of bird control and have worked on every type of bird control problem on industrial sites, listed buildings, office blocks, shopping centres...

ZOLEO 3D brings a solution adapted to your needs.


Zoleo 3d-Birds & Pest Control


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Our other services

  • Roof moss cleaning: Path, Passageway, terraces...
  • Wood treatment: Interior and exterior wood, furniture...
  • Disinfection of places.
  • Wild boars control.

Concerned of the environment and the biodiversity, ZOLEO 3D works with its partners for a policy of protection of nature by privileging the reasoned control, thus preserving the species not aimed in their environment.


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